Wednesday, September 9, 2009

US Open - Djokovic the Djoker

I've been watching the US Open as much as i can lately, and although i missed this (last night, i think?) after his win Djokovic does a bit of his John McEnroe impression.

Mac, not one to let anything slide, puts on some tennis shoes and heads down from the booth to the court to hit a few with the Djoker, much to the delight of the NYC crowd. And how fun for this 22 or 23 year old superstar getting to clown around with one of the all-time legends of tennis.

In an age of image control and paranoia from athletes who feel the need to appear only as perfect rock stars (the confiscated tape of LeBron getting dunked on at his camp, anyone?) it is really refreshing to see these two guys going out in front of a crowd of thousands, and on television or at least tape, and acting silly, and not giving a shit about how they look.

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