Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mr. Wingnut goes to Washington

via fark, from NineTwelvePhoto's flickr stream.

Welp, another rally of wingnuts, another crop of poorly thought-out, poorly-spelled signs protesting they know not what.

When will the mainstream finally acknowledge--aloud--that this alleged protest, this so-called movement, this teabag bullshit has little if anything to do with health care and everything to do with the color of the man’s skin who is currently occupying the White House?

That's not to say that the healthcare execs and their lobbyists don't have an agenda, or that they don't stand to win or lose billions on this. But when it comes to the people out in the street, this is a clear attempt by those in power--the people at the top who are beholden to the system’s current winners--doing their best to use those at the bottom to further their agenda at the expense of thse people’s own best interests. Read a book called “What’s the Matter With Kansas” for much more on this phenomenon.

Anyway, here’s but a few pics from NineTwelvePhotos’ photostream on flickr. There’s lots and lots and lots more. Good for a laugh and a cringe.

To wit:

I'm not sure if she forgot to write out the word 'lion' on the, er, punchline side of the sign, or if we are, a la diners at Denny's, meant to glean her meaning from the picture of the lion. Either way, stay classy, Cleveland!!

I guess I still don't quite understand what health care as to do with the Second Amendment. Am I missing something?

This might have to be my favorite. Not only for the clear teeth-grinding rage and paranoia of the man in the pic--you can bet that right after this was snapped he said, 'Get that camera away from me!!" But also because if you click on it, you can see that someone originally correctly spelled 'menopause,' and that some helpful wag came along and 'corrected' it, changing the o to an a.

Joe the Plumber's spellcheck is at work again.

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