Tuesday, September 8, 2009

HS strip searches aren't m-kay, m-kay?

An interim superintendent is being investigated after it came to light that he had ordered five high school girls to strip down when school officials were looking into a possible theft at the school:

"Family members say Atlantic School officials forced the girls to remove their clothes during an investigation into a theft on August 21st. Lawyers say the girls were forced to strip down to their underwear, and one girl took off all her clothes."

He claims, bizarrely, that this isn't technically a 'strip-search,' and therefore is allowable under the district rules.

But what amused me about this whole thing is the picture the website reporting it ran alongside the story:

Gosh, titillation much, fellas? What's the message here, 'Oh that's horrible! The way they humiliated those poor girls!' But...what? It's also kinda hot?

Feckin' yikes.

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