Thursday, January 27, 2011

this was a weird one

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I haven't posted a dream here in a long time, but this was a particularly strange one. (I still write them down as I remember them, but I rarely post them here. Dunno why.)

At any rate, I've never been dead in a dream before, I don't think, and that was definitely the sensation in this. Text follows.

I had a dream I had died. I don’t think that’s ever happened to me before. I was saddened, I suppose for my own loss, and my need to leave this world, but I also woke up with tears in my eyes for the loss of Mena. I think she had already gone on to some other realm.

I was standing on the edge of a farmhouse yard, I think, nighttime. I was with another person, a male but no one I recognized. He had died too, but somehow was more privy to the way these things worked. We gazed out over the edge of the cleared land, over a fence and dried stalks of October-dead corn blowing in the cool breeze. Beyond lay blackness, not just night but pure black, no stars, not even any ground or hills or differential between sky and land.

As we walked slowly toward the gate that opened onto the blackness, I asked once more if this was it, the only choice, if this was the way it had to be. My companion answered yes, that there were no choices any more. We stepped up to the gate, he stepped through and I began to follow. That’s when I was struck by sudden, overwhelming sadness at the loss of Mena.

I watched the other guy disappear into the gloom ahead, and took one tentative step forward, not yet through the gate but nearly there. Then I awoke.

I still miss you girlie.

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