Friday, January 14, 2011

wm. shakes review

Got a great review from Stacy Nick in the Coloradoan yesterday for 'Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)' so we're looking to be selling more tix. Quoth Ms. Nick:

Next up, the play goes after perhaps Shakespeare's bloodiest play, "Titus Andronicus." The basic plot of the actual tale: When the emperor's daughter is raped, he cuts off the head of the rapist, cooks it into a pie and serves it to the rapist's mother. "Shakespeare" converts the story into a hysterical Julia Child-style cooking show.

If you find this in poor taste, you may be out of luck with this show. As Reeves notes after the cast raps its way through "Othello": "That was unsurprisingly offensive."

Come down and check it out! You've got three (very) white boys rapping, and what could be funnier than dudes dressing up like chicks?

Nothing. That is near the top of the comedy food chain, just edging out poop jokes, dick jokes, and fart jokes.

Oh, wait. Boob jokes are number one. Those will always rule.

Brooks Reeves as Romeo.

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