Monday, January 31, 2011

threat level: huh?

Saw this vague and strange story in the Post today:

Students on the Colorado State University campus in Fort Collins have been asked to be "vigilant" today as the school investigates an "unspecified" and "unsubstantiated general threat."

Offices on the campus are open and classes are on schedule today, but on its website the university asks students "to report anyone or anything suspicious" to campus police immediately.

Okey-doke. Er...could you be more specific? Like, is it a Godzilla, say? Or more of a vampire/daywalker thing?

Bohlander could not share details about the threat, but he did say that safety on the campus is a priority.

"We did want to err on the side of caution," Bohlander said. "That is standard, that's how we try to operate."

Well, that's good to know. We'll all be sure vigilant about...something that may or may not be imminent, and that might involve...some people (I presume) doing some stuff.

so, if you could just generally crap your pants...

The investigation into the threat is ongoing.

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