Saturday, April 18, 2009

a brit's take on US news

I had never heard of this guy before running across this vid which I found originally on Digg, but he's got it dead-on. His name is Charlie Brooker, and he apparently has a show called 'Newswipe.'

He starts with a few slaps at an infamous clip where an anchorman is squabbling with a field reporter during a live segment, and one particularly self-righteous Keith Olbermann clip (yes, as much as I love the guy, and as many times as he nails it in the seething rage department, he also goes overboard sometimes, I admit).

But then Brooker moves swiftly into the really, really funny territory: you guessed it, Faux News.

I don't know why I hadn't thought of this one before:

"To a dumb foreigner like me, all the Fox News anchors look like characters in some 80s frat-house comedy."

Sean Hannity as the 'uptight jock bully..with his whiny peevish demeanor;' Bill O'Reilly as the 'disapproving high school principal;' Glenn Beck as 'the wacky neighbor from a variety sit-com...'

Very funny stuff, and worth watching on a rainy Saturday morning. :)

Hey, just FYI, (and only if you feel like it) but if you read this space regularly, or irregularly, as I would imagine most of my friends do, lol, drop me a comment as to whether you would prefer more political stuff, personal stuff (i.e. random ramblings, pics, etc.) funny stuff found on the web, or more of my fiction. As I look back on my posts I realize that a shrink would have a field day with how all over the place I am with my posts.

Schizophrenia, anyone? :)


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