Thursday, April 9, 2009


We went down to Savannah yesterday, and it reminded me of why I miss the South. Yes, there are terrible things wrong with the South. Yes, there are still horrible educational, racial, and general social justice problems there. And, yes, there are NASCAR fans.

However, there are also beautiful people, very friendly and welcoming people, and a human warmth that you just won’t find anywhere else.

So, Savannah. It’s all cobblestone roads, these incredible old buildings, and beautiful little pocket parks, not to mention the riverwalk area of shops and restaurants and bars. Oh, and did I mention you can drink outside? Walk around with a to-go cup of beer?


O how I miss that place. I need to go back for a visit sometime soon, I think.

At any rate, we had a lot of fun, did some (more) shopping (jesus christ, ladies) and hung out pretty much all day. There’s nothing more civilized than being able to drink a freakin’ beer outside on a nice sunny day. :)

A slightly more sedate and reverential part of Savannah is the cemetery--and really the entire old town part in general. I love ancient places (in America, New Orleans, Savannah and Williamsburg, VA are pretty much as ancient it gets) and Savannah is a place that is redolent with ghosts and history, again like New Orleans.

None of these are my pictures by the way, although i did take a bunch at the cemetery where these were taken. I love seeing those old graves of people who died in the early 1800s, trying to imagine what life must have been like for people who settled on these strange shores. I am especially drawn to the tiny, worn graves, virtually no more than a crooked rock barely propped up over someone's final resting place. Who were these people, these nobodies, not the rich or the famous, just the regular laborers? Does anyone remember them? Do they care? Did they die in pain, or alone? Was there justice for them, in their lives and in their deaths?

I don't know why, but I'm fascinated with these questions about the past. I guess I'm just a morbid fucker. :)

When I get home I'll upload the pics I took.

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