Monday, April 20, 2009

On a lighter note...

Stumbled across this via neatorama.

Aardman Productions, the creation of the mad Brit Nick Park has released an American version of 'Creature Comforts,' the first film the group made. They're the ones who created 'Wallace and Grommit,' and the not-altogether terrible film 'Chicken Run.'

In the original 'Creature Comforts,' regular British people were interviewed about their lives, the audio of which was set to claymation animals talking. It is hilarious. Here's a bit of the original (I think.)

Here's a clip I found of their take on the Iraq War architects that is also pretty funny, in a grimacey sort of way. GW as a fly, Rumsfeld as a hound dog, Tony Blair as a buck-toothed horse? Brilliant!

And here's a link to the full-length new American version. I couldn't d/l the vid, but click the link and check it out. You will laugh, I promise.

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