Monday, April 27, 2009

smug alert

via passive-aggressive notes. with a link to this story, from a very smug website indeed.

'What’s the number one reason for the success of the Toyota Prius? According to a new survey by CNW Marketing Research in Bandon, Ore., owners said, “It makes a statement about me.”'

As attested to by this incredibly smug vanity plate. ah, gotta love it when life imitates art.

I personally love the scent of my own farts. don't know about you.

I mean,
not to rag on people trying to do the right thing, but jesus, man. come on. can't anyone just quietly do the right thing anymore without needing to put themselves in the spotlight? Do you really need a press conference every time you add to your stable of brown babies? I'm talkin' to you Madonna. And you, Angelina, ya big-lipped mother.

(Sidebar: is it just me, or does angelina jolie look like someone popped her in the mouth several times? Between her and julia roberts, i don't know if there's enough collagen left for the rest of us.)

Plus, you know that the majority of people who can afford these cars live in giant McMansions that emit tons of carbon, eat up huge power bills, make a huge footprint on the land, and due to their very necessary location far away from city centers--we all need a big-ass yard in the sad, McSame suburbs in order to properly live the Amerikan Dream, of course--and lead to people driving even more.

whatever. jebus is coming, i'm sure of it.

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