Saturday, April 18, 2009

one more teabag

It was a crisis of competnce indeed.

One more for today before I try to get some actual work done. Found this via Kos, but I've been reading Marc Cooper for years via The Nation. Here's his advice for those who were going to attend the Teabagger demonstrations the other day:

"Go to a hobby store. Buy a scale model of a U.N. One-World-Government Black Helicopter and a tube of glue. Toss the model kit. Sniff the entire tube of glue. You're all set for the party."

Oh yes! And he goes on to point out what I think the mainstream managed to fully and completely miss during all the fooferal surrounding the most massive(!) demonstrations of public teabagging since the heyday of Studio 54:

'And now this. Whip out your Lipton and don your tinfoil hat and join the protest against ... against ... against what exactly?


So, if you'll excuse the mixed metaphor, what's the beef behind today's protests? The Obama administration is cutting taxes for all except the very richest of Americans. Reduced withholding is already showing up in millions of paychecks.'

Thank you. Once again the right wing whackos--generally lower to middle class--have allowed themselves to be co-opted by the big money interests to fight against their own interests.

I guess the constant republican chipping away at education funding and teachers had a point to it after all. The best sheeple are dumb sheeple.

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