Wednesday, April 1, 2009

passive parents

Okay, I've posted about this guy before, and I have to say he hits it dead-on most of the time. This is from people who deserve it, as in people who deserve to be punched in the face:

'this 153 word diatribe is meant for the parents of snotty-nosed devil children. The ones who ruin a perfectly good Saturday excursion to the mall by letting their offspring throw temper-tantrums completely unchecked.
We know you can’t always control the little fuckers, but at the very least take them outside. Don’t just stand there like deer in headlights while they lick the payphones and kick shoppers in the shins.'

Hallelujah, brother.

Overly passive parents drive me insane. When i used to live in Boulder it was a fucking EPIDEMIC. Little Johnny might be traumatized if I raise my voice to him, so a big hearty 'fuck you' to anyone else eating in the restaurant where he is screaming at the top of his lungs.

As the PWDI guy says, you maybe can't control your spawn's every word and action, but at least have the fucking courtesy to take them somewhere else when they start acting like the little parasites they are.

At the restaurant i worked at in Boulder there was a yuppie couple who had two boys that we (the staff) secretly named Damien and Satan. These boys were no more than maybe six and eight, and they were so bad the family actually got 86'ed from the restaurant, on more than one occasion. As in they weren't allowed to come back. We wouldn't take their reservations. That shit rocks. THAT is the way to run a restaurant. :)

One night i was waiting on them, and i witnessed the kids slide under the booth they were sitting in, crawl underneath to the next booth, and steal the woman's purse who was sitting there. The parents, meanwhile, no matter what their foul brood was doing--yelling, kicking each other, stealing, lighting the restaurant on fire--would carry on with their vapid conversation, completely ignoring their vile spawn until someone came along and told them to STFU or get out.

And i will even concede that, despite the proven fact that children are indeed parasitic vermin that spread disease like rats on old wooden ships, the kids themselves aren't necessarily (or at least wholly) to blame. The blame lies with the parents who can't be bothered with, like, you know, parenting. When I was a kid (here we go...) and me or my brother would act like a shit in public, one of our parents would immediately take us outside and give us a Stern Talking To, or worse. Sorry, i don't condone child abuse, but a whack across the ass isn't going to kill a kid, and it might just make them behave with a little respect for others.

What a crazy concept! Respect for others!

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