Saturday, April 11, 2009

i'm back baby!

Hey all. i came back, but i'm not sure why. it's all shitty and gray out today, and when i left it was 75 and sunny on the beach. (Although as sunburned as my back got, i probably wouldn't be able to do anything with all that sunshine anyway. :)

Here's a clip i just ran across of Unknown Hinson, the guy who voices Early Chyler on the Adult Swim show 'Squidbillies,' a show about a family of backwoods redneck North Georgia squids. You read that right. Here's the real guy who plays the cartoon family patriarch:

This is one of my favorite shows on the new Adult Swim line-up, not only because it's hilarious, and hilariously wrong (storylines have included Aunt Lil blowing up a meth lab in their shack, a crop of sheriff clones growing in a field, and an evil wealthy businessman named Dan Halen who tests a caustic, acidic cologne on the people of the town.) But it's also one of my favorites because they get so much right about what (some) N. Georgia people are like. I mean, i knew guys like this down there, and thank all the gods and godesses that i moved away when i was young.

Here's a link to one of the early episodes (adult swim won't let you embed.)

Enjoy, and don't forget about the big ol' Boozy Bunny show tomorrow night at Lucky Joe's, starting around 9:00.

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